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I’m Switching To Sony and You Should Too!

Photo Credit: deycallmegeo

Canon; you know them and probably have one of their SLR cameras.  They are the biggest SLR camera company and it’s for good reason.  
They make “good” cameras and market their products effectively.  I’ve been using their system for as long as I can remember.  

Everything about Canon seems to… just work.  

People of all levels use Canon; from the soccer moms to pro fashion photographers.  They have a diverse offering of cameras to cater to your level of photography needs.  
So why am I switching then to Sony?!

Eye-Auto focus!!

It’s my number one reason for switching.  I love a lot of their other features as well, but eye-autofocus is a game-changing feature, in my opinion.  
If you take pictures of people (especially young kids), having eye AF will make it 10x easier than trying to manually find the focus area.  

I almost always focus on the eyes when taking portraits where the subject is looking at the camera. I also like to use a wide open aperture which means the subject will be in focus, but the background will be blurred.  In order to achieve, you’ll need a fast lens around f1.8.

The problem with using such a wide aperture is that it becomes very difficult to nail the focus on the eyes.  That’s when Sony’s eye-autofocus comes in and saves the day.  
It really does make taking pictures much easier.  


There are many other reasons as to why I’m switching to Sony.  
Here are my top 5:

  1. Eye autofocus
  2. Lighter camera compared to SLRs
  3. Video capabilities.  I can now use one camera to shoot both photo and video
  4. Dynamic Range – Sony is able to retain better detail in the shadows and highlights in post editing.
  5. Megapixels!!  Canon is roughly 22 MP while Sony’s is 42 MP, leaving you with more flexibility in post editing to crop in and still retain detail.




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