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Does your Photographer “Back That Thang up”?

photographers use backups

Let’s talk about something boring, but extremely important…your content!

When hiring a photographer, you expect that individual to know about data management and loss prevention strategies. You would just assume the photos and videos he creates will be readily available at all times. Have you given thought to things that may be outside of his control? What if a memory card fails, a laptop is stolen, or a house fire destroys the home and all the content inside?

All these things are most likely not going to happen, at least not all of them at once.
But even if one of these things happen, will your photographer have the systems in place to ensure your data is backed up?

I always have this discussion with prospective clients because it’s something they should be aware of, even if they choose not to hire me.
Think of it as insurance, but for your content. Instead of a monetary compensation, you should ask about the layers of backup and prevention the photographer has in place.

Does the photographer shoot with a professional camera that has DUAL CARD SLOTS?

I currently shoot with the Sony A7R III and A7 III, two full-frame cameras, and both have dual card slots with the ability for redundant backup.

What about hard drives? Are there multiple copies?
For example, I have a set of backups at home, but also another set off-site in case of a fire, burglary, etc. Is there a cloud backup solution in
place where all the computer files are backed up (I currently use CrashPlan).

With the cost of memory cards and hard drives being the cheapest they’ve ever been, there’s no reason why your photographer
isn’t backing up your valuable content you’re paying him for. If you’re hiring a photographer for your wedding or similar
important event, there’s no chance for a redo.

Photographers: Let’s challenge each other to make this a standard practice in the best interest of our clients.
They need to know we care about every aspect of the creative process, including the backup and protection of their valuable data.


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