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How To Prepare For Your Photoshoot

-Tips for a Successful Fotoshoot-

Whether you’re preparing for a wedding, engagement, maternity or special occasion photoshoot, here are some helpful tips for a successful shoot.


  1. Be Comfortable –

Wear clothes that you can feel comfortable in.  This is my number one because you need to feel comfortable in your clothes otherwise it will show in your photos.  If you’re walking around in tight 5 inch heels and it’s hurting your toes, it’s going to be harder to get the shot because your body gesture or face will show in the final photos.  Same goes for dresses or pants.  You have to feel comfortable to move into several poses throughout the shoot.  Don’t go for clothes that are too tight or too loose.

  1. Dress For The Location –

Tell your husband/fiancé to leave his favorite football jersey in the closet!  Once we have a location established for the shoot, you should consider how to best match/contrast the location.  If we’re doing Fall foliage photos and the leaves are brown, it would be a good idea to wear clothes that will contrast with those colors so that you “pop out”. I would recommend something blue or even burgundy which will make you and your subjects stand out against the beautiful natural colors.

  1. Complement Each Other –

You guys shouldn’t wear matching clothes, but it shouldn’t be complete opposites either.  If one person is wearing a burgundy shirt, maybe the other can wear a similar color scarf?  The goal is to look like you two are matching without matching.  Makes sense right?!  Everyone being photographed should be dressed on the same scale.

  1. No Logos or Crazy Patterns –

We want the attention on you and the people in the photo, NOT your fancy $300 Gucci shirt with the huge logo across it.

  1. Be You! –

This is the most important element!  If it’s an engagement shoot, we want the photos to convey how in love you two are.   Have fun, embrace each other, hold hands, and even kiss.  Act like you’re already married!!


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