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Why Hire a Professional Drone Pilot for Your Real Estate Photos/Videos

Drone New Brunswick Business

Why Hire a Professional Drone Pilot for Your Real Estate Photos/Videos??

Are you a LICENSED real estate professional?  Chances are, you may understand the value of drone photography and videography for your business.  If not, here are a few main benefits of drone services that let’s the owner know you are serious about selling their property.

  1.  Unique aerial view of the listing property that confirms the condition of the roof to help validate the listing price.
  2. A general aerial view of the neighborhood including amenities, land, and surrounding comparables.
  3. A powerful Marketing tool to make yourself stand out amongst the other real estate agents.


Now that you have this understanding, you may want to go out and purchase a drone of your own and do the same thing, right?  Well, before you do, please consider reviewing this email from the FAA:

Drone FAA Email $11,000 fine for Real Estate AgentsBasically, it’s saying leave it up to someone that has a section 107 remote pilot license 👋, or you may face a fine of up to $11,000!!  I’m sure you’ve heard of stories where drones have crashed into people or even helicopters. As more and more consumers (every day people that just want a cool toy to play with) purchase drones because prices are coming down as technology gets better, it’s even more important for you to consider hiring a licensed drone pilot.  The FAA is watching and they know realtors tend to use drone technology to advance their business. They can and WILL look at your aerial photos and it’s just a matter of time before they start to audit MLS photos.


Don’t risk that liability!  Just as you, the real estate agent, comes up with business purposes to sign up a FSBO (For Sale By Owner), I implore you to consider hiring a professional for your aerial photography and video needs.  Luckily, I happen to be a photographer and videographer and specialize in drone imagery in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia area. Please consider reaching out to me for your next listing.



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