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Every event is precious and unique. Let’s talk about how we can capture the moment and give life for all eternity.

About Fotosforthefuture

I got into photography when I became a father. Growing up, I didn’t have many photos of myself or my family. Actually, I believe I have 3 total baby pictures.

In becoming a parent, I realized the importance of doing things for your child and also loving and supporting them throughout life. I was fortunate that my parents came to this great country and busted their butts off so I can go to college.

So now, I am paying it forward. This website/company was started solely to raise funds for my son’s future. Now it’s become a full-time career. As much as I want for him to go to Princeton and study the sciences or medicine (I know so stereotypical right!) when he is old enough, these funds are reserved for him to follow his dreams.

Whether it’s buying your first home, going to college, or being a superhero like Spiderman (he’s currently 3 and a half!), this is all for you! I love you Cayden and I hope to be the best father I can be to you.

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